At Mayfair Interiors and Development we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. With an extensive range of services, we cater to projects of all sizes and tastes. Our personalised, service-orientated approach means that your residence is always designed to your unique style preference, and that every detail is perfect. Our goal ensure all you need to do is turn the key and step into your dream home.


    Our interior design service is the cornerstone of our business. Working with a range of clients including private owners looking for a style update, property developers wanting a stunning show space, and real estate agents requesting a design that will guarantee a profitable sale, our approach is tailored to each client. The personalised service begins with a client meeting to discuss the design aesthetic and any specific needs and requests.

    We then present back with a proposal, quote and mood boards including samples of fabrics, colour, theme suggestions and materials. We work with only the highest quality furnishings from the UK and Europe, and are also able to design bespoke furniture that is custom fit to your residence.

  • Refurbishment

    Suited to those who own an existing property in need of a refresh, we offer complete refurbishment packages that can transform your residence. This service is particularly suited to those wanting to sell or rent a property at a premium as we offer advice on how to change lighting, open up spaces, create workable bathrooms, and other changes that will add value to the property.

    We also work with high-quality and well-respected builders who help to remodel aspects of the home to increase salability.

  • Renovation

    The ultimate bespoke service, this includes a complete property transformation. We work with some of the finest builders, architects and surveyors in London to create interiors from start to finish. This includes collaborating with developers on new building interiors (for rent or sale), working with private clients on investments and personal residences for a complete property metamorphosis.

    Whatever your interior needs, we have a tailored solution that will elevate your space into somewhere you are proud to call home.